Where to Keep Your Memorabilia

In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, I’m thinking about memories. So many times when I’m working with clients, we find memories in the strangest places – garages, basements, closets, even kitchens. I believe the key to really treasuring your memorable objects is to give them a place of honor. Display shelves work great if you have the room. But usually you have years worth of memories that won’t fit in a scrapbook or on a shelf. So what do you do?

Here’s a guest blog that I did for Organize 365. It comes at a great time of year – end of school and beginning of some children moving away from home. Any move or transition is a great time to look back at our sentimental items…but first you have to gather them and give them an important place in your home. And so we have the “memory boxes.” If your sentimental items are taking up space in your cupboard or your drawers, you may need to give them a new home. Check out all the possible uses for a trunk that also doubles as a time capsule: http://organize365.com/memories-trunk-guest-post-debbie-lillard/

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