What laundry day looks like at my house

I often find that laundry is a major dilemma for moms. Either it’s never really done or there is clean and dirty laundry all over the house. I talked about this in my book but now I’m going to show you in pictures, my simple 4 steps to conquering the laundry mountains.

Because I have a flexible work schedule, I usually do this in one day when I’m working from home. If you work full time, you may want to do one person’s laundry at a time, or do the kids one night, the parents another. The point is, don’t do laundry everyday but definitely once a week at least!

Step 1: Bring it all in to one room & sort.

Step 2: Flip loads all day long

Step 3: Fold as you watch TV at night.

Step 4: Return laundry to everyone’s basket & have them put it away.

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