Transition to techy

Ok so I got my new IPhone on Saturday and immediately started playing with it. My contacts did not copy over from my old phone, but I decided that was not a problem. I like having a clean slate. I added my family members first, my doctors (in case of an emergency) and then my close high school friends. After that, I thought about fellow organizers who I frequently talk to regarding our NAPO chapter, then added local parents of my kids’ friends (for carpools and tracking kids down). There, that’s all I need in contacts for now. I will add others ad-hoc if necessary.

So I am thinking of all the possible Apps I can use, and like any good organizer, I made a list. I had to calm myself down from trying to do everything over the weekend. Sometimes technology just gets me frustrated. So here’s my list:

1. Add all my events for the month of October to my Yahoo Calendar.

2.. Sync my Yahoo to the phone.

3. Download some songs from my ITunes account

4. Load the Twitter app so I can tweet from my phone

5. Purchase a nice case for the phone and pick up a Square so I can start taking credit cards for my business.

Well, I’ve got my work cut out for me. The first hurdle is the calendar. I have successfully loaded my family’s activities, my work appointments and social events for October and any items that repeat are set up for the rest of the year. I even took it a step further and subscribed to someone else’s ICal (for my daughter’s performing group) and now all those events and rehearsals are automatically in my calendar! That was easy. I love the color code option for each member of my family – the only problem is I can’t seem to print a nice color coded copy of the month-at-a-glance Yahoo calendar! I want to post it on my refrigerator so all members of the family can see it.

Does anybody know about this? Can you print a hard copy that looks at nice as the on-line version? 

My other option is to explore other calendars. I think I will do that before I enter November’s events.

Suggestions are welcome!



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