Top Three Factors in Choosing an Intensive Tree Care Service BY:  Candice Hubbard


Trees make our world a better place in many ways; aesthetically with their graceful beauty; environmentally by giving off oxygen; by providing food, shade etc., and most people like and appreciate them for it.  If you happen to have a lot of trees surrounding your property it can make for a pleasantly cool atmosphere even in the extreme heat of summer.  And what child doesn’t like to try tree climbing at least once or twice?  But while it’s easy to see the good things that trees do for us, what about what we owe them in return?  Nothing comes free in this world and in order for the trees we love and enjoy so much to be kept in prime condition, we must hire tree services to prune and maintain them.

A tree care service can determine if there are any hidden problems with the health of your trees that you might not be aware of.  Plus they can perform any necessary tree surgery that you wouldn’t be able to undertake yourself.  It’s their experience, knowledge and skills that you need to help you keep your trees in tip top shape.  Here are the top three suggestions to keep in mind when choosing your intensive tree care service:


Only opt to use a company for your tree services that has qualified arborists on its staff.  What exactly is an arborist?  An arborist is a certified professional experienced and trained in the science of planting and caring for all species of trees.  While this job does require a broad range of skills, an arborist is trained to know precisely what the needs of each tree are and how to best provide care for it.

In the case of commercial properties like businesses, etc., qualified arborists are as essential as the tree companyservice itself.  It’s vital to hire a company that has specialists, like an arborist who know more than just the basics of tree surgery.  They also understand the value of public image and how important that is to a business, so they will do they best they can to keep the trees healthy and looking beautiful.

Wide Range Services

When looking for an intensive care tree service makes sure that the company you select has a wide-range of services available.  For example, if your property has several trees that are either in poor condition, or perhaps a safety hazard and they have to come down, you will then have to call a tree removal service.  By selecting a company for your tree care that includes this service, together with tree trimming and pruning, you have saved yourself the trouble of having to hire another company to tend to your trees.  The same is true when it comes to transplanting trees and stump grinding.  It’s always much better if you can depend upon only one tree company service for the all around health and maintenance requirements of your trees.


Last, but not least, find out how long the tree care company has been in business.  Opt for a tree care company that has been around for a while.  This will be an excellent sign that it has many satisfied customers, but that it also knows it’s field of work.  A company with longevity has the experience, knowledge, respect for safety, and professional skills to provide the absolute best care for your trees under all conditions.


Candice is an arborist living in Sydney Australia, and had extensive experience and qualifications to provide tree services for Sydney, up to and including tree surgery.  Her expertise in this field is often sought out and she had written numerous articles on the topic.