The Organized Home

When you are a professional organizer, you often get this question, “So is YOUR house really organized?”  To which I always reply, “Yes.” It’s not perfect, my spices are not alphabetized (in fact, neither are my files) but it functions well.

Recently my husband was asked that question and he replied “no” without hesitation! Really? I thought. All the work I do to keep this family running smoothly and you don’t consider our home really organized? Maybe he was just embarrassed to say yes. Or maybe he was thinking of his work space which is off limits to me.  Early on in our marriage I found out how much I could push him to be more organized and where I had to give in to the “systems” that worked for him.  He likes things out so he remembers them.  I like everything tucked away. So we decided to leave out what we use every day.  He has a plethora of reading material that I used to find piled up all over the house. I bought him a nice magazine rack for the living room.  When they started to pile up in the bathroom, I bought him one for that room too. It was like I was chasing him with containers!  But those seemed to work.  Likewise, when we had children and they started to accumulate big toys, I used a small room off the back of our house as a toy storage area. Toys could come out all day, but at the end of the day or whenever we wanted to clean up, they had a home.  When the kids got bigger and toys got smaller, I designated a “Little Stuff” bin for each child. All their little toys went into the bin at clean up time. When the bin got full we cleaned it out.

In addition to creating bins for all our clutter, I believe our home is organized for additional reasons, namely:

1. Everyone in the family knows where to find things here. From batteries to clean clothes to snacks, we do HAVE A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING.

2. We are on time for school, work, and activities. This is achieved by keeping a family calendar in the kitchen and HAVING MORNING & EVENING ROUTINES which give us a method for getting what we need to get out the door in the morning.

3. We pay our bills on time. Some people say “Never pay retail.” I say, “NEVER PAY A LATE FEE OR INTEREST.” We limit credit card purchases to what we can afford every month. (barring any crazy circumstances)

4. I can compile my business tax information in about 15 minutes. This is because I HAVE A SIMPLE FILING SYSTEM that has worked for me since I was out of college. Two file drawers: one for business one for personal. They get cleaned out once a year and finances are kept balanced monthly.

5. The weekly tasks of running a home like: laundry, food shopping, cleaning, and trash removal are all done on a schedule with all family members pitching in. Daily tasks are much the same.

So you will not find months worth of laundry all around my house, piles of papers with bills buried, or duplicates of sundries all over the bathroom in our house. Sure there are times when things get hectic, but with a few hours and our family routines, our home can get back to normal.

Not sure where my husband’s living but I am proud to say we have an organized home.  If it wasn’t, how could my clients trust my expertise?

Living this way keeps the chaos at bay and makes me happy to come home after a long days work or a vacation away. My home is my sanctuary and I’m happy to help others achieve this too!

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