The Lazy Person’s Guide To an Organized Home

The Lazy Person's Guide To an Organized Home2





Guest Post by Ella Andrews

There is nothing shameful in admitting that you are not into organizing. Believe it or not, most people have the same attitude towards daily organizing chores. How do they succeed at keeping their home neat? It’s all about the proper storage solutions. You can maintain the pleasing appearance of your living space even if you are lazy and not exactly motivated. The secret is to trick yourself into doing it.

Many people get discouraged by the idea of spending their whole weekend sorting through piles of clutter. Indeed it’s not a pleasant activity, but it is manageable if you follow this process:

Set a Deadline

When you know that you can prolong something for infinite amount of time, you will have less incentive to deal with it as soon as possible. Having a clear schedule will give you an idea of what you actually need to do. Completing each task within a deadline will boost your confidence that you can manage the issue and will provide you with certain satisfaction.

Start With the Not-So-Obvious

There are a number of hidden spots around your home that are flooded with clutter. When in a hurry, you probably fill different drawers with miscellaneous items. You have no clue what is going on in there until you open the “Pandora’s box.” Even exposed areas like coffee tables and countertops fill with various things that are often neglected. You can pass them, without even noticing the chaos. Instead of overflowing multiple drawers with random stuff, have one specific place. Just imagine how much mental energy you waste trying to figure out where you put those keys. You can save efforts and time by designating one “junk” drawer or basket – a lazy storage solution for a lazy person.

Deal With It Right Away

You can avoid getting overwhelmed by simply dealing with the mess on time. A big part of the problem comes from the natural tendency to procrastinate. Get rid of this nasty little habit. You will find immediate improvements.

Try to de – clutter on the go. For instance, when new mail arrives, keep only the important and throw away the rest. Have a recycle bin close to your doorway. In this way you will stop unnecessary paper from accumulating. Try to put everything on its place after you used it. This applies particularly to your clothes. Don’t simply put them on the chair or let them lie on the floor. Spare five minutes to return them back in the closet or put dirty clothes in a hamper.

Make It Fun

Most people associate organizing with their teenage years when they were constantly told to clean their room. Transform your attitude towards de – cluttering. One way is to combine the annoying tasks with something pleasant. If you love music, turn it on and start dealing with the clutter. Think of a compatible activity that will make organizing a little less painful. In time you will start feeling less stressed and antagonistic towards the household tasks.

Maintain your positive attitude and persistence and you will soon find out that organizing is not all that bad.


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