The Benefits of an Organized Home

Sometimes people get too bogged down in the details, the process and the struggles.  If you focus on the goal, the outcome and the positive benefits, even a project like cleaning the kitchen can have a positive twist!

So let’s talk about the benefits of having an organized home. I can think of many reasons that keep me striving, not for perfection, but organization:

  1. When life is chaotic and schedules are hectic, in one day you can get it all back to normal.
  2. Broken items get fixed and projects are completed in  a timely matter.
  3. You can have friends pop by whenever they want!
  4. You can offer to host neighborhood get togethers for kids and parents so you are more social.
  5. You save money by not overbuying, paying bills on time and taking advantage of special offers/coupons.
  6. If something is lost, it’s in one of two places or it’s not in your house! You won’t waste time looking for it.
  7. There is a predictable flow to your day and your week.
  8. You can afford to shut down for a day and everything will be fine.
  9. You don’t stress. You plan and do.
  10. You look forward to coming home.

Have you realized any of these benefits in your home?

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  1. Good job

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