The “Be” Attitudes of Organizing




As I prepared my lesson for Sunday school this week, I was inspired to put a twist on the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew’s gospel. In it, Christ gives us a roadmap for living a happy life which have become known as the Beatitudes.

So I submit to you that there are ways to be organized so as to live a happy life:


Happy are the minimalists for they shall have abundance in other ways.

Happy are they who purge for they shall make room for the good stuff in life.

Happy are those who see only fresh, healthy food in their kitchens

For they shall waste not

Happy are those who donate to the poor

For they shall want not

Happy are those who straighten daily and clean weekly

For cleanliness is next to godliness

Happy are those who teach their children how to help out, let go and pick up

for they will be passing on a life skill

Happy are those with routines for they shall not forget

Happy are those who write everything down, and do one thing at a time

for they will have focus

Happy are the simple for they will live with less stress

What be-attitudes do you have to add? Leave a comment!