Hi Debbie,
OMG you crack me up… I feel like you are directly talking to me in your book.  It is so nice to know that I am not alone, and other people are as disorganized as I am.  I am desperately trying to organize my life!!  I have a 3 yr old son with Autism and a 9 month old daughter.. even though I am a stay at home mom I can never seem to get my house in order…  I love your book and I am switching to a daily organizer immediately!!
Have a wonderful holiday and keep up the amazing work!!
-Valerie G.

“Thank you for writing your books!  I have finished Absolutely Organized and am part way through Absolutely Organize Your Family.  After many feeble attempts, I think your tips and strategies may be just the thing to finally make me a more organized mom.  Some of my existing systems were working properly, but many aspects of organizing my home and children’s things are not!!!  Thank you for putting your tips so clearly and concisely – I will feel much better about my home and my life in general after I conquer more areas of my home.  No more wondering where things are!!!  Also, I also have a “karate kid” and felt just as you that he finally found his niche when he entered a studio full of kids like himself;  high-energy boys who need to be in constant motion.  My son has been taking lessons for nine years now and he is a highly motivated kid who gets great grades and is fairly organized!  Karate is about more than just exercise, it is a whole system of values  that lead to being the best kid you can be. I’m glad your son enjoys it also.
Thanks again for writing such inspirational books.  I look forward to receiving your newsletter.”
Upton, MA


“Love love love this email. (Newsletter: Organize from Big to Small) Always puts a new pep in my step. I struggle with adult ADD and give up it I can’t make it perfect. Just downloaded your book below and can’t wait to start looking at the big picture or as I say ‘too many pianos in each room!’  You have made my day and I have great ideas to tackle my clutter and have fun doing it.”
– Christie in Cali

“I can not tell you how much I am enjoying my “new” closet!!!Thank you. I’m obsessed with what the next project will be.”
– Beth

“I am so thankful to Debbie for helping my husband and me to get organized. I contacted Debbie when I could no long take our disorganized apartment.  She was thorough and helpful in not only helping us to organize the two days she came, but also to stay organized these last seven months.  Our home feels completely different thanks to Debbie. I can not recommend her enough!”

“I must say, you are hands down THE BEST HELP I HAVE EVER RECEIVED for my ADHD AND MY ORGANIZATION SKILLS.  That was the most amazing and helpful thing  I have ever done for myself, and you made it completely painless.  I can’t thank you enough.”
-T. Brennan


On speaking…

“Debbie Lillard consistently draws a large crowd every time she speaks for Women’s Health Source because her topic truly resonates with so many of us women. I am fortunate to have had her present each year at the Women’s Health Source program’s annual Design Your Best Life event, drawing 200 attendees.  She speaks to the many struggles we face in maintaining an organized home while offering practical tips and teaching simple measures that make a noticeable difference overtime. Guests often come out of her Debbie’s presentations saying things such as “she was excellent!” and “I wish she could have talked longer!” It is easy to understand why. Debbie not only gives excellent information but also is a fantastic speaker who is simply wonderful to work with!”
Erin James
Women’s Health Source

On helping with an estate clean out…

“You came in to lead the team I pulled together (made up of my husband, mother-in-law, and older brother). You were compassionate, resourceful, organized, efficient, and most of all you felt like family. We did more in the two days we worked together than I could ever imagine. My father said it best, “I am totally and utterly stunned at the progress you made in one day- let alone two days. I thought for sure you could make a dent in the house. I never imagined it could look like this.”
One of the hardest things I faced was sorting through my mother’s personal items (clothes, toiletries, shoes, handbags, jewelry etc.). Your knowledge and resources ensured that anything that was not kept would be donated and/or recycled. Nothing I parted with felt like I was throwing her away- but rather sharing her with the world.
You helped my family and for that we are so very appreciative. I would without hesitation recommend you and your services.”
Thank you.
Samantha M.

On reading Debbie’s book…

“I snuggled into the couch tonight and began reading your book. I am loving it! I came to this quote on page 29, “Busy people may get more done, but everyone has a breaking point. You can’t do it all”and I just burst into tears. It felt like someone was giving me permission to feel the way that I feel. I’ve been so past the breaking point for so long and keep telling myself to get it together, that I can do it all.

I’m not asking for any help, but just thanking you for your book so far, I love it. I just read the second chapter with your infant schedule and I love it! I wish I had  that when my son was first born. I had a very difficult time in the beginning and he didn’t sleep through the night until he was 5 months old. I will be using that for our second child for sure!

I like that you discuss balance in this book, because that’s exactly what I’ve been striving for and have yet to really allow myself to have it.”

M.V. (another organizer)