Super Baby Food

Moms always say, “I wish there was a textbook for raising children.” Well, there isn’t one so most of us just “wing it” on a daily basis.

I like to think my book, A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization, is somewhat helpful in answering the question of how can mom’s juggle all their responsibilities and still maintain order in the house.  I even have a chapter on how to keep your baby on an eating and sleeping schedule. This little “how to” lesson was handed down to me from my mother who had a very authoritative pediatrician. He told her exactly what to feed us and when. This got me through the first year with my three children and I welcomed having more instruction than what my own pediatrician was saying, namely, “You can try a little cereal or some fruits…” She really left it up to me so I listened to my mother. Some people don’t agree with that schedule and that’s fine. It worked for me and my sisters and some of our friends.  My kids are healthy and awesome sleepers to this day.  But I have to say we did go through the picky eater syndrome that so many moms experience today. It’s a vicious cycle so how do you get out of that? I guess the answer is to never start with the fried, processed and salty foods that kids crave. Always give healthy options and they’ll have to eat something good.

If you have babies or toddlers it’s not too late for you! Try reading Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. It is the most comprehensive healthy eating guide that I have seen on the market. While I don’t consider myself a “crunchy granola” mom, I do appreciate healthy, all natural food but I’m sometimes intimidated by the amount of time I think it takes to make everything by scratch. That’s why I loved Ruth’s simple charts and instructions. Not only is she healthy but she’s efficient too. Surprisingly, Ruth did not start out as a nutritional expert; she was actually a NASA programmer! But when her twin boys were born premature, she became a determined mom. She wanted to give them the healthiest diet possible so she did her own research on nutrition and cooking. The result is this complete guide on choosing the right foods, preparing them, storing them and when to feed them to your babies.

Although my children are grown, I plan use the recommendations in this book to keep preparing healthy food for my family.  Even if you pick up a few of her techniques, recipes or preparation tips, I think you and your kids will be happy and healthier in the long run.

Although this book was originally published in 1996, it has just come out with its third edition. For more information, go to