Spring is in the Air

Well it’s almost the start of spring here in the Northeast US.  In my area we never really got a good snow storm. Lots of cold rain and grey days. Like the kids, I was hoping for at least one day off where we could shun our responsibilities and just go to the big hill and sled! Then we’d come home to hot chocolate & a fire. It was not to be. So I say, bring on the spring! And with that comes Spring Cleaning and airing out the house.  Wondering where to start? Here are a few ideas for projects that fall under the topic of “Seasonal Clean Outs.”

1. Put the shovels & salt away –  Re-arrange your garage or shed on a nice warm Saturday. Make sure the winter stuff is tucked away and the spring gardening materials are close at hand. Before you know it, you’ll be planting flowers, fertilizing and cutting the lawn. You might also want to uncover lawn furniture and get out the planters for outside. Use Easter as a deadline for having some spring items around the house.

2. Check the coat closet – Make sure everyone in the family has windbreakers and rain gear. Clean the winter coats, hats & gloves and tuck them away if you need to. Get a nice bin for each family member to put their hats & gloves in. Label it and place on the shelf in the closet. Break out the baseball caps, and if they need  a cleaning – the top rack of the dishwasher works well! Let them air dry.

3. Dump your digital pictures – Whether you have videos or still pics, this is a great time to clear the deck. Put all your pictures from the winter & holidays in a file called “2012 Winter” then order prints if you like.  With digital video cameras you can often load right to a DVD through your computer. Again, mark the DVD “2012 Winter” so you can re-live the fun any time you want. Once all images have been transferred, delete them from your camera and have a blank slate for the new season.

4. Make your “honey do” list – Ok, that’s a little sexist, but maybe it’s a “Sweet Spring Projects” list instead. Take a walk around your house and see what needs to be done for up-keep this season. Post it where you will be reminded to act on it. I like to put mine on the kitchen bulletin board.

5. Post a family chore schedule–  If special cleaning projects need to happen, get the kids to help at least with their own bedroom. Work with one child per day to clear out their clothes, clean the windows and then dust & vacuum. You may even want to change the sheets to crisp cotton. For the common areas like the living room, kitchen or play room, divide and conquer. Maybe Dad or mom takes care of dusting off wall pictures, high shelves and curtain rods. Let the kids take the jobs down low like wiping baseboards, vacuuming under sofas and clearing out toy bins.

At the end of a busy Spring Cleaning day – make sure you celebrate as a family.

What projects do you like to tackle in the spring?

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