Simple Summer Pleasures


Now that I am back from vacation, I’d like to share with you some simple pleasures that I find at the beach. My hope is that we can incorporate some of these into our daily lives, even when we are not at the beach or on vacation. As Hemingway said, “Paris is a moveable feast.” So too, is vacation. Simple moments can bring us calm, peace and help rejuvenate us in a hectic world if we are organized enough to make them a priority in our lives.



Simple Joys

  1. Biking every morning
  2. Going to a farmers’ market and eating that food in the next couple days
  3. Sleeping with the windows open so you can hear the birds in the morning
  4. Ice cream in the afternoon
  5. Having just enough food and clothing to get through the week
  6. Reading on the porch
  7. Cocktails with friends outside
  8. Outdoor showers
  9. Digging your feet in the sand
  10. No computers

I once saw a friend take a beautiful vacation picture of an island beach and pin it to her visor in her car. She said she looked at it every time she needed to take a little vacation – even if she was stuck in traffic. This is the same idea.

What are some simple pleasures you enjoy in the summer?