Services & Rates for Home & Office Organizing

Organizing Service

Debbie helps her clients simplify their lives! Whether at home or in the office, she works with clients to identify the problem, make a plan, then work together to solve it.  As they work, Debbie teaches them how to maintain order in their lives so that the problem stays solved.  Debbie removes any donations and suggests organizing products, if necessary.

Home organizing – Whether it’s one room or the whole  house that needs organizing, Debbie can show you how have to a peaceful, comfortable home that runs efficiently. She can help you with time management, project planning and simple routines for keeping up with the everyday.

Organizing for home-based businesses – Do you need to  keep better track of income and expenses? prioritizing tasks & projects for you and your employees? Debbie can help you streamline your workflows and find the right tools to help keep you organized. You will spend less time on administration and more time doing what you love to do!

Magical Move-Ins – A team of organizers can help you move into your new home by unpacking boxes, putting everything away for you and even helping with decorative touches like hanging artwork and purchasing needed organizational products. Call to discuss your needs and we will create a custom plan.

Photo Organizing – Are your digital photos scattered about your computer and phone? Or do you have boxes of old photos that you’d like to organize and digitize? Space to Spare now has a photo organizing specialist on board. Call to discuss your needs with Debbie.

2016 Rates

Hourly Rate
$75 per hour

Half Day PackageTake on one project or area (save $15 on hourly rate)
$210 – 3 hours

Full Day PackageTackle one room from top to bottom (save $30)
$420– 6 hours

“Get-Er Done” Package – Need a jump start but can’t spare a full week? (save $125)

$1000 – One week of organizing/5 half days

“Extreme Make-Over” Packages – Imagine your whole house cleared out in one week! (save $250)
$2000 – One week of organizing with 1 organizer/5 full days

$3000 – One week with 2 Professional Organizers/5 days

All packages include basic supplies & removal of donations or hard-to-recycle items.

Now accepting credit cards and Paypal for payment!


Monday – Saturday

Half days are scheduled between
9 am – 12 pm or from 1 – 4 pm

Full days are 9 am – 4 pm
with a one hour lunch break.