Scheduling Your Projects

Life is so busy these days with both parents working and kids involved in so many activities, how does anyone keep their house organized? you may wonder.  I believe that involving the family in the projects and the process is the answer and in the long run, being organized will save you,not cost you time. Here are 5 tips on how to get through all your organizing and home improvement projects:

1. Check the Project Plan weekly– If you have a “House Projects Plan” book or binder I suggest you keep it in a central location where you and your husband can easily access it.  As you plan out your week together you can refer to this book if your schedule allows for a home improvement project. Don’t wait for that one magic day when you all have noting to do.


Absolute: If you don’t plan it, it’s not going to happen!


2. Don’t leave all the home improvement work for the weekend either.  Sometimes a project may only take 2 hours and you could get it done together on a weeknight.  Or sometimes a big Saturday project may take some prep work that could be done on Thursday or Friday evening.  For instance, if you are going to paint the living room on Saturday, maybe the two of you could move furniture, bring in the drop cloth, and put up the painter’s tape on Friday night after the kids are asleep.  Then whoever is painting can jump right in on Saturday morning

3. Consider your kids – When scheduling projects think about what the kids will be doing at that time.  If one parent can tackle a job, then the other parent can help by taking the children out of the house.  If you both want to do a project, then maybe you can have the kids go to a friend’s or grandma’s house. If possible, plan projects for a weekday if all your kids are in school and you and your husband can take a day off.  When your children are old enough you can involve them in the family house projects. You want everyone in the family vested in the outcome.  Motivate your family with incentives like, “If you all help clean out the garage on Saturday, we can go out for dinner and a movie that night.”


Where there’s a will there’s a way and where there’s not, there are excuses.


4. Leave yourself enough time – Having done this job for 10 years, I can estimate that in an average home you can organize a room thoroughly in one day. If you agree that an average size house has 10-12 rooms, that means you can organize your house in 2 weeks.  If you need to fix, paint and organize a room, estimate that it will require a week to organize. Then you’ll be finished in 3 months.  If your rooms each require a lot of work, let’s say one month per room, then you still can estimate that in one year you will have your home exactly as you want it. Not bad when you consider how many years it took to get it the way you didn’t want it!

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