Absolute #5-Keep Like Things Together

wrapping paperOne of my absolutes comes up all the time when I’m working with clients and my own family. “Keep like things together. “We’ve all heard this before, but have you thought about all the ways you can do this? As with most organizing techniques, there is no right or wrong way to do this, you just have to find what works for you. Often the way I see one item and categorize it is not always the way my client sees it.


Let’s take the example of an open, studio apartment. With one big room it’s easy to have things all over the place. When everything is everywhere, chaos ensues. This makes it hard to find what you need when you need it. It often leads to countertops and tables being covered with clutter. So the first step is…put like things together in a big way. Categories might be: kitchen, entertainment, office, and exercise equipment. If you do a big sort you can put every category in a corner or just a pile. Or if you’ve already decided on zones, put everything in its correct zone.


The next step is getting into the nitty gritty. With entertainment you can break it down into: cd’s, dvd’s and books. With office materials you might have paperwork to file, office supplies and computer equipment. Putting these things together helps you see what you have and maybe what you can get rid of. Then you can find appropriate bins, drawers or shelves to put these items on. Having designated bins makes it easy to clean up too!


And this rule applies not only to physical items but also to tasks. I find when I put like tasks together, they get done much more efficiently. If I have a list of calls to make, I do them one after the other. If I have tasks that need to be done on the computer (as I’m doing right now) I do them and then I can walk away from the computer for a while. This is especially true with errands. If you want to save time, it helps to make a list of where you need to go and plan it out geographically. Can you do some on the way to or from an appointment? Plot it out, and then make sure you have all the things you need to easy on down the road in your car. Sometimes my goal is simply to get rid of all the things I have on my passenger seat by the end of the day.


So the next time you’re trying to bring order to your home or office, think “like things together” and see how this can guide you to a neat outcome.