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Here are some of my Favorite products for organizing your home available on Click my affiliate links below and you’ll be supporting a great cause – The Lillard kids college fund.
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Getting Organized Magazine – click above to subscribe. I am an affiliate for Getting Organized Magazine and for Profitable Organizer but I do believe these are reputable businesses who put out a quality product.

Step basket  – If you have stairs in your house, you need one of these. Use it to get things back to the right room on a daily basis.

Franklin Planner  - This is how you plan your work and work your plan. Month at a glance and two pages for each day with a timeline for appointments. A great way to keep track of all your TO DO’s, both past, present and future!

Steamer Trunks – Every one needs a place to hold memorabilia. Steamer trunks are great for people of all ages. They can be stored or used as a coffee table or seat.


Little Black Dress Jewelry Organizer  – For the woman who loves her accessories. This takes up minimal space in a closet and let’s you see a multitude of jewelry at one glance.

Click to see this clever little black dress hanger organizer for your closet

Pile Smarts – A great tool for keeping track of multiple projects. When a project is finished, you file the contents or shred them, and re-use the plastic folder.

Click to see this cool file organizer