Re-Organizing a Child’s bedroom

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Not long ago, I held an in-home training session and we not only had a great time but also a role reversal. My clients/readers actually helped me re-organize my son’s room. Now you may think that is a sneaky way to get free help, but it was meant to be a learning experience. I’m all about hands on learning!

The dilemma: The motivation for the re-organization was a problem with a growing number of trophies that were on top of a tiny shelf above his bed. Every night I would see this and think, “It’s only a matter of time before they fall.” So solution – new shelf.  Then the little bookshelf next to his bed was getting full so I thought I need something that can hold more books & trophies. I also noticed that the top of his drafting table & dresser were getting very cluttered with notebooks & display items.

The idea: I talked with him about re-arranging his room to make space for a new, taller bookshelf. We tossed around some ideas & decided we would move the bed to another corner and put it on an angle, freeing up some more wall space. I found a nice ladder shelf at BJ’s for about $90 and measured it. It was not as wide as the old bookshelf but much taller so it utilized more vertical space. This is always a good thing when organizing: go up when you run out of floor space.

The Project: The first thing I did was go through books with my son. He made Yes & No piles for what he wanted to keep & give away. This took 10 min.

The next day my class of women helped me box up display items, wall hangings & toys. We moved out a bean bag chair & stuffed animals that were not being used in the bedroom and began to re-arrange. This took about an hour. Without knowing our idea, one person suggested moving the bed on an angle & the art table in the other corner to balance. Great feng shui! The bed should face the door and the chair at a desk should face out.

When my son came home on Friday, he helped me place the wall hangings. The next day my husband & I put together the new ladder shelf, arranged the trophies, books & display items and voila! A bedroom re-organized. My son loved it. It only took a little over 2 hours and $90. That’s my kind of project.

new ladder bookshelf

What dilemma are you trying to solve in your home? Maybe there’s a quick inexpensive fix for that too.


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