Home Organization Products

Here are some of my Favorite products for organizing your home! Those of you who have worked with me know that I don’t push a lot of products. It’s the system of organizing that really makes the difference. But in my years of experience, there are a few products and services that I find exceptional.  Click my affiliate links below to check them out!


52 Practical Organizing Tips for Busy Moms


If you’re a busy mom, you know how hard it is to keep everything organized and running smoothly.
After years of experience as a professional organizer, Debbie has put together this practical booklet to help busy moms like you!

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To purchase multiple hard copies of the tips booklet, email: info@spacetospare.com



Debbie Lillard’s Family Chore Chart
Use this chart to organize your family’s weekly chores and activities.
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Photo Organizing & Storage Software – What value do you put on keeping your photos Forever? Try this new software & app. You will be able to collect photos from your phone, iPad, etc. into one place. Upload all photos from your computer and organize them into folders to make them easier to find. Best of all, you maintain the ownership of your photos and they are securely stored forever. Click the logo to get started and select me, Debbie Lillard, as your Forever Ambassador at checkout. Watch an overview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbiQDwd5eyE&feature=youtu.be
Forever logoStudent Planner – Set your teenagers up for success in the next school year! This planner was designed for kids with ADD but is practical for any kid. If you think your school would be interested selling these as a fund-raiser, I would be happy to do a presentation on how to use these to improve time management skills for students. Click the picture to order.

Making Practical Creations from your memories – Do you have a trunk full of old t-shirts that you’re keeping for memory purposes? Or a closet full of clothes from a loved one you have lost? Let these people create a beautiful quilt, stuffed animals, etc. from your memories! Ask me if I can help deliver the items or help you sort through the fabric options.



Gift Wrap Organizer – The Wrap iT, is like a hanging garment bag for your entire gift wrapping paper collection. It’s designed to organize, store, and protect all your Gift Wrap supplies… including, holiday, birthday, graduation, anniversary, valentines and more. Keep all these gift wrapping paper styles- clutter free – Then just fold it, zip it, hang it, and it disappears right into your closet or under the bed! Click pic to order and also receive 20% off your first order.

wrap it


The Grab N Go – A great system for finding a place for your little necessary items. Label each pocket and never loose your keys, wallet, cell phone again! This caddy comes in white & smoke and can be used in any room – kitchen, hallway, bedroom, etc.

grab n go


Step basket  – If you have stairs in your house, you need one of these. Use it to get things back to the right room on a daily basis.

Franklin Planner  – This is how you plan your work and work your plan. Month at a glance and two pages for each day with a timeline for appointments. A great way to keep track of all your TO DO’s, both past, present and future!


Freedom Filer is a system of color coding your files into categories. It comes with pre-printed labels and instruction cards as well as email support to remind you when to replace, empty and move your files. Click image above to order.