Organize Your Beauty Routine

Sure organizing can make you feel better. But can it actually make you look better? I submit that it can!

Take, for instance, your vanity or medicine cabinet or bathroom cabinet – wherever it is that you keep your lotions, potions and make-up. This is one area that can be quickly organized and cleaned up. I would give it 2 hours plus any shopping time for containers. When you have skin products and make-up that is organized, clean and fresh your skin is going to look world’s better wearing it!

If, on the other hand you have held onto make up for years, just because it’s not finished or if you have skin care products from various manufacturers, you are doing your face a disservice. Follow these steps for a beauty routine make- 0ver and see the results for yourself:

1. Take everything out of your cabinets and categorize – make-up, cleansers, moisturizers, toners, facial scrubs, perfume, bath soaps, specialty products, nail products, and brushes – for starters.

2. Toss anything that is discolored, watery, or has an expiration date that has passed. Bottles that are covered with dust might indicate that they’re pretty old too.

3. Take a second look & toss more. Even if you don’t have expiration dates, you know how old certain items are. In general, make-up is good for 6 months to a year. Eye products should be tossed after 3 months so the next time you buy mascara, put a label on it with your own expiration date! Lotions last about 1 year.

4. Look at your categories. How many cleansers do you have? One is enough! Using products from one skin care line is optimal because they are formulated to work together. For example, a Clinique cleanser can remove Clinique’s foundation. If you mix companies you might not get desired results or you might overload on one ingredient causing a reaction.Choose your brand and get the complete set.

5. Take the products that you use every day and put them in one drawer, bin or on one shelf. Then take other products by category and put them in their own container. Plastic is the best because canvas or wicker bins will get wet at some point.

6. Clean your brushes with soap & water then let them air dry. Repeat this once a month at least.

7. Put all your toiletries back in the cabinet from which they came. If you have travel size (admit it you’ve got a collection!) toss any old ones and keep more recent ones in a travel bag in the linen closet.

Stand back and be amazed by how clear your bathroom is, and how easy it is to do your routine the next morning. To be super efficient, put all your daily products on the left of the sink and as you use them, move them to the right. That way you won’t miss a step!

What’s the toughest part of keeping your cosmetics under control? Leave a comment.