New Year’s Day is a Clean Slate

If you like new beginnings, second chances and setting goals – this is a beautiful time of year. Never mind the cold, grey weather. Just sit down by your fireplace by yourself or with your loved ones and dream about how great this year can be. Better yet, grab a piece of paper or a white board or your computer and write down your plans! This is how all great projects get started.

Now think about what went wrong last year. For our family, lack of vacation time was a stress point. I’d like to correct that this year if possible. So we are planning a long weekend in the spring, some time at the beach in the summer and a fall weekend in the mountains. Not a lot of details yet but that’s okay. These are our goals for fun time.

My oldest child needs to make more money before she goes away to college. Instead of leaving this to chance, I suggested she decide on her summer activities and then sit down with her boss to discuss how often she can work. If one place cannot give her enough hours, she may have to look for a second part-time job.

My middle child needs to get more involved in extra-curricular activities so we’re setting a deadline for him to join something by January 15 or we are going to sign him up. Everybody is motivated differently and believe me, we’ve tried to urge him before.

Everyone in our family has deadlines and appointments so we selected a beautiful calendar to hang in our kitchen so we all know what’s going on from day to day. Individually we also have planners. Now is a great time to let your students select a planner – daily, weekly or monthly – that makes sense to them.

Think about what you loved last year:  A great vacation? The division of chores in your household? Projects that were completed? Repeat or expand on them this year. If you’re sprucing up your house, take one room per month and do what you can. A new coat of paint, rug or curtains can really update a room. You’ve got twelve months so if you budget your time and your money, you could have the house you’ve always dreamed of next year at this time! My method of project planning is to:

1. Brain storm

2. Prioritize

3. Budget

4. Write a task list

5. Get started

Cheers – to a great new year with all its infinite possibilities!

What do you have planned?