Life in the Slow Lane

If you are a Type A personality, like me, then you probably like living life in the fast lane. Go, go, go all the time, being a mover and shaker. But what happens when your life suddenly slows down? Do you go nuts or just enjoy it? Right now I’m stuck in the middle and trying to decide.

Back in May I was diagnosed with a heart problem that required surgery. So I was told by the doctors to take it easy, slow down. (Easy for them to say! But what about a mom with 3 kids, a dog and her own business?) I asked them to define “slow down.” Were we talking bed rest or no extreme makeovers for my clients? Obviously work had to take a back seat. I continued to do some without heavy lifting and I just focused on my motherly duties as much as I could do. Then there came a time when even food shopping was too much for my heart. I slowed down even more, although feeling very old and fragile at that point. I didn’t like it at all, and couldn’t wait for this saga to be over.

So the surgery went well and my friends and family were an enormous help with the day to day. People picked up my kids, made us dinners and even took my dog! It was heart-warming and overwhelming. I learned so much in that time about taking it slow. So this was how the other half lived. You know, the people who are always so calm? the type who take their time doing thoughtful things like sending friendly notes, baking cookies, going to the park? I had often envied these people. I wish I had the time and the temperment to take it easy, smell the flowers and enjoy nature. Well, after a few months on the injured reserved list, I had become one of these people. I read books, watched movies, went to the park with my son, had lunch with my daughter and played games with my kids.  But one of the most enjoyable things I have been able to do in the last 3 months is take the time to talk to my friends. Usually in our frenzied lives, it’s a quick email or Facebook message to keep in touch, or a call to plan a get-together that happens all too infrequently as our children get older. But now I was taking hours to sit and talk with my old friends and family members, and I stopped worrying about the next thing on my list! Because my list had disappeared. Stay well, get better and enjoy life at home were the only things on my mind.  Summer was a perfect time for this to happen. For now, I want to just “soak up the sun” for a few more weeks and the hustle and bustle can wait ’til the fall. I’m sure by then my Type A personality will resurface  and I will be ready for the change of season.

Have you ever been forced to slow down? Did you enjoy it or fight it? Learn anything? Please share.

One thought on “Life in the Slow Lane

  1. Hey there. Every once in a while a get a debilitating minigrae and I’m forced to simply lay down, in the dark, and do nothing. As hard as it is to do that, it definitely makes me appreciate the times when I simply feel good! So glad you are feeling better. Great post!

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