Keep Purging Simple

Too often when someone starts to organize, they get bogged down in where everything is going. Some items may go to a friend or family member, others to a favorite charity, others you might keep if they fit, or can be fixed…you get the idea. Suddenly your sorting process has turned into seven different piles on the floor and you can’t quite remember which is which.

That’s why I try to help my clients (and my kids) focus on a simple decision. Is it a yes or a no? Thinking simply is what helps you get organized. Yes means it fits now, I wear it, I use it, I love it! No means there’s too many conditions or simply I don’t use it or want it anymore. This can apply to clothing, toys, memorabilia, household items, really anything you’re trying to organize. If you find you are so attached to things that nothing ends up in the “no” pile, try this trick: have a friend or family member sort with you. Let them physically hold up the item and you just say yes or no. Don’t take too long, just go with your gut instinct.

The yes items will stay and you’ll have to find a home for them, but on the positive side, these are all the clothes that make you look great or feel wonderful. They are the photos and memorabilia that bring you happiness. They are the practical, functional items that you use everyday.

If you say no to an item it means you don’t love it, it doesn’t make you feel good when you wear it, it brings you bad memories, or sometimes you don’t know where the heck you got it from or why you kept it this long! Let go of the no’s and you’ll feel lighter.

I know that life is not all black and white and that there are many shades of gray in making decisions but just for fun, the next time you sort through a category, try this black & white approach. Keep it simple and see if it doesn’t go faster and easier.

And if you need a place to take your “no’s” give me a call, I’ve got lots of resources.