Just Do It! But when????

As a professional organizer I pride myself on good time management. I group like tasks together, have daily routines for the morning & dinner rush times at our house and have weekly routines for housework.  I also feel strongly about the motto, “just do it!” So many people talk about doing stuff more than actually doing it.  But something is missing in my life. I find time for work, kids, friends, volunteering and church but exercise? I can’t seem to fit that in on a regular basis! And I know the older I get the more I need this.

This has been perplexing me for some time so I thought I would pose the question to the blog world. I know there are busy moms out there just like me and they get to the gym or run or play tennis but WHEN?

Looking at my daily schedule I have two half hours free: 6-6:30 AM and 9:30-10 PM. And neither of those time frames is looking reasonable right now.  It’s all I can do to get out of bed at 6:30 to make lunches, set out breakfast, feed the dog, make the coffee, check my email, do my daily tweet, shower and get off to work by 9 am. I thought I was being pretty efficient getting all this done in 2 hours! And on the back end of the day, if I get home at 4 it’s time to make dinner, help with homework, drive kids to activities, and clean up the kitchen. And my husband helps so it’s not like I’m doing it all on my own.  But realistically this insanity ends when I put my littlest one to bed at 9 pm. I often crash with him or on the couch, then wake up and catch a half hour of something on TV. Then -as many of you know- it’s time to go to bed and wake up to get back on the hamster wheel tomorrow!  So now I’m looking for your advice. Moms with kids and work: When exactly do you find time to exercise? And what do you do with that time?

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