I’m learning!

Ok, so here’s what I’ve done with my smartphone today. I took pictures at a fun event this morning. The NAPO Philadelphia chapter volunteered to help with NPR’s fundraising campaign on the radio – 90.9 FM in the Philadelphia area. We got there at the crack of dawn – 6:30 am and stayed til 10. We had a great time answering phones, meeting our goals, (some of us can get very competitive) and chatting during slow times.  The staff at WHYY treated us very well with coffee and breakfast and even took us on a tour of the station. So I took pictures with my phone for the first time, AND posted them to Facebook! I also tweeted while we were there to get more people to call the donation line.  It was all happening so quick and I finally felt like I could keep up with the speed of social media.

Now, do I want to stay on this treadmill? I’m not so sure. But when I want to slow down, I can always silence my phone and tuck it away in the pouch of my handbag and get back to real life.

So check out my Facebook Page to see the photos!

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