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Many people were excited about the roll out of the IPhone 5. I was too, but not for the same reasons. I was waiting for a free IPhone 4 because I have yet to take the leap to a smartphone. My husband and teenage daughter are still working the IPhone3 so they are contemplating an upgrade.  The commercials would have you believe it’s easy – free IPhone 4 and $30 a month for data plans.   Well, lucky for me I have a husband who very thoroughly investigates every nook & crannie of new technology before he purchases.  We use Consumer Reports like an Encyclopedia at our house.  So for the next few weeks I will be blogging aobut my transition from an old-fashioned phone, and a paper calendar to my smart phone. As a tactile person, I’m hesitant to say the least. But as an organizer I know there must be a better way to keep track of a business, three kids and an active social life.  So first things first. I am getting the phone this weekend.

Here are the different topics we needed to consider before making my purchase/leap to the world of constant information:

1. Our cell service – When my husband & daughter purchased their cell phones years ago, the only carrier was AT&T. We had Verizon, so we switched.  Now Verizon offers the IPhone so do we switch back? That would mean 4 new phones for our family and $10 more per month than going with AT&T.  We took into account that sometimes with AT&T there are places in my own home where I can not get cell service. But Verizon has their dropped calls too, so we decided to stick with AT&T.

2. Our calling plan – We have such an old plan, they don’t offer it anymore but have allowed us to grandfather it. We get 700 min, unlimited data for $30/month per user and unlimited data for the family at $20/family. We considered the Share Plan where you purchase an amount of data for a certain amount of devices. Then pay $40 per device.

3. Finally the phone – Do I go all out and get the new IPhone5 for $199? It does have a faster keyboard, new earphones, and the fastest operating system. Or do I take the 4S for $99, it’s has Siri (not that I really care about talking to a robot) and a double sided camera which might come in handy. Or do I ease into this whole thing with the free IPhone 4 (no S) I’m told it has 8 gig, the old 4G operating system. Mind you, my kids had to explain to me that the G does not stand for gig when I said, “I thought it was 4G not 8?” Could they make this more confusing? I mean why is the IPone4 not Iphone 5 and everyone would be getting excited about the 6! So as I’m discussing this, a commercial comes on and says, “The Next Thing is Already Here” it’s the Galaxy. Oh no.


If you have questions or suggestions about this whole process, I welcome them. Leave a comment!

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