Five Steps for Spring Cleaning

 Spring is here and you know what that means…you can see every  smudge on your windows, every dusty baseboard and you need to dig out the garden supplies from your garage. So what’s a woman to do? Spring clean of course!

As a Professional Organizer you may think my home is always pristine and clean. Not so. I have three children and a dog so we deal with mud and dog hair just like everybody else.  And although I do have routines for straightening daily and cleaning weekly, it’s time for that third step: cleaning out seasonally.

If you’re not sure where to start, here is a 5 Step Approach for Spring Cleaning:

  1. Look up –Tops of cabinets, lighting fixtures, even walls. These often get neglected in the regular cleaning process. So take a long handled duster, sweep away those cobwebs and wipe the tops of cabinets & bookshelves. Put a little Windex on a paper towel and wipe the lights.
  2. Look down – Baseboards collect dust and mud all over your house. So fill a bucket with water, add a little Murphy’s oil soap and use a soft rag to wipe them down. You might be surprised that they are white – not grey! One person can’t do the whole house so have your family chip in. Let everyone do their own bedroom and share the common areas. Use a towel or cushion to sit on.
  3. Look out – First the windows. In the morning light you can see everything: hand prints, water stains. So take some time to go through the house and clean your windows inside and out. If you’re lucky enough to have the windows that tilt in, you can engage your family, give the kids chores to do their bedroom windows and divide duties for the common rooms. If you have older windows, you might need to hire someone to clean the outside -or bribe your husband.
  4. Look around – Take a walk around your house and make note of the outside projects. For example, picking up branches, mulching gardens, picking up leaves, trimming bushes. Then see if there are any repairs needed as a result of the winter: loose shutters, falling gutters, etc. Once you have the list you can prioritize projects and get quotes if necessary.
  5. Do the switch – In your garage, make sure lawn, garden and sports equipment are accessible. Tuck away the winter supplies. In your closets, put away the heavy wool clothing and blankets and bring out the lighter spring clothes & linens. Rubbermaid bins that seal are the best way to store clothing. And Space Bags are awesome for condensing big blankets in the linen closet.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be drudgery. Take it one step at a time and pace yourself over weekends and days off. Engage your family in the process so everyone can feel proud of their home. Motivate your family with a special treat when they are finished. Need a deadline to motivate you? Shoot for Memorial Day weekend so you can relax & enjoy it.

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  1. Hi I dont clean on sunday thats our day of rest and going to chcurh however I do work our chcurh nursey and on wednesday too!During the week I start early 5 or 6 and usually done by noon depending on how much needs done!Take CareGod loves you and so do ITina

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    • Debbie

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