Could your family use some time-management?

While we’re taking time off from the TV, and because the weather is getting nicer, this is a perfect time to take a step back and look at how your family spends it’s time.

Are you constantly eating on the run? Living out of your minivan? Did you ever forget to pick up a child? Maybe your family needs a mini time management class. And I say “mini” because I know anyone with two or more kids does not have the time for an all day seminar on time management! So here are my 3 STEP PLANS for Family Time Management.  Creating routines and writing things down can really help you get a perspective on whether your family is running efficiently or not. Maybe less activities could also mean less stress for you – or creating routines could help you remember all you need to do.

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3 Steps to Monitoring Your Child’s time:

  1.  Fill in a weekly time sheet of how he/she spends time now. You don’t have to get too detailed. Just look at blocks of time after school and after dinner and before school if that applies.
  2. Identify what’s missing and what is too much. Too much computer? Not enough outside time? Doing homework too late in the day? Looking at how it is on paper can help you to plan a better routine.
  3. Talk with your child about what they need to be doing and what they want to be doing with their time. This is the beginning of teaching them to balance their schedules. School work, required practices and play time all have their value.

3 Steps to Time Planning:

  1.  Plan out a month with your child.  Prioritize school projects first and break them down into smaller tasks. Let them see the month at a glance.
  2. Plan out a typical week – including your child’s activities, chores and down time. You might want to make a colorful chart and post it on the refrigerator so they can look at it each morning.
  3. For middle school & high school students, help your child choose a day planner that makes sense to them.


3 Steps to Choosing Seasonal Activities:

  1.  Look at an entire year for your whole family by mapping out what activities happen in each month.
  2. Talk to your child about their favorite activities and help them choose one for each season.
  3. Before joining an activity, know the time commitment and talk to other parents about carpools.

3 Steps to Developing Routines with your family:

  1. Practice getting up at the same time each day. For each family member the time may be different depending on work & school schedules.  Do everything upstairs before coming down for breakfast. After breakfast, brush teeth and pack bags.  Use visual or tactile reminders if necessary.
  2. Create an after-school routine that allows time for homework, a family dinner and getting to activities. Designate a place for the children to put backpacks, coats and papers.
  3. Stick to a night time routine that settles the children down and allows everyone to get a good night sleep.  Go to bed at the same time each night.

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