Upgrade your kitchen with these simple five tips

Half our time is spent in the kitchen every day so why not boost it up a little aesthetically? You can make your kitchen comfortable, cozy along with keeping them stylish. We’ve got five incredibly trouble free and reliable tips to upgrade your kitchen. Show Off Collectibles Remove the cabinets and get some above-window shelving […]

12 Surprising Ways Clutter Is Ruining Your Life

The leaning tower of pot lids that spills every time you open the cabinet door, that stash of unworn shirts taking up precious real estate in the back of your closet, the intimidating mountain of papers obstructing the view of your desk:  clutter: It happens to the best of us. But if you think clutter […]

The Power of One

  Remember the scene in City Slickers where Curly reveals the secret of life? It’s this – one thing. He says, “You stick to that and everything else don’t mean shit.” You gotta figure out what your one thing is. It’s different for each of us. There is something so peaceful in thinking about that. […]

No More New Year’s Resolutions!

I’m done with resolutions. Resolutions can be broken. Broken resolutions make us feel guilty. I was done with guilt a long time ago. I’m sure many of you may feel the same way. So what do we do to kick of the year? I feel like I have to plan something for 2017 even though […]

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I don’t like waiting. I like initiating action, following a plan and getting things done. Anyone else with me on this? And yet, here I am, waiting. Waiting for Christmas like many people are, but on other things as well. Waiting for Amazon to ship. Waiting for college kids to come home. Waiting on insurance […]

8 Rules to Manage Your Money

With the holidays coming some of you may be worried about the money factor. So many gifts to buy, big meals to plan and outfits for the festivities just adds to the stress of the season.   If you don’t worry about the expenses or at least plan them out, you run the risk of maxing […]

Tips for Organizing and Cleaning for Spring 2016

    Guest Post by:  Kaitlin Krull of Modernize After the dark, cold days of winter pass and the weather finally begins to take a turn for the better, most homeowners start to think about warm spring afternoons spent relaxing and entertaining. Unfortunately, one thing stands in between you and your daydreams: spring cleaning. If […]

Magical Move Ins

  There is a trend in moving now that was even discussed by one celebrity in a Howard Stern interview. This trend is a dream come true for both the person or family who is moving and professional organizers across the country. I like to call this service, “The Magical Move-In.” It’s like when you go […]

7 Tips for Staying Focused at Work

Has Spring Fever hit you yet? Do you find yourself gazing out the window and losing focus at work? Is it harder to come back after your lunch break? I think we all can relate to that. So here are a few productivity tips that can help you focus on your work while you are there. […]

How Organizers Help Their Children

Having been in this business for thirteen years now, I have met many professional organizers like me who have children. I have been in their homes, heard their stories and it’s very clear that the organizational skills we possess are used not only in our businesses, but in our parenting skills as well. I was […]

Organize Before You Move

Moving out of your home and into a new space is one of the most disconcerting events in someone’s life. Even the most organized person can be stressed out at the concept of boxing up your life and moving it. There is an emotional side to the transition and there is also a very physical […]

7 Steps to Organize Your Health

It’s the beginning of the year and most of us are working towards our New Year’s resolution. Not surprisingly, two of the most common goals are: loose weight and get organized. As an organizer and someone who has had “lose 20 lbs” on my list for the last 10 years (even though I was 15 […]

Lessons from Groundhog Day – The Movie

I hadn’t watched the movie, Groundhog Day in a long time but with the snow melting outside and thoughts of the new year, Time Management Month and personal life-changes in my head, I decided to watch it again. It’s a classic and there’s no other movie like it. I find there is something comforting about […]

Organize Your Home-Based Business

Many moms I know are trying to create that life balance with a home-based business. It’s a great idea, and I should know because I’ve tried a few! When my first child was young, I sold Mary Kay. That was a great way to go out in the evening, meet with other women and make […]

How Clutter Affects Your Mental and Physical Health

Overflowing closets and shelves, disorganized desks and tables and excessive amount of stuff can be overwhelming. Clutter affects most of us and can get to the point when it’s dragging you down .Many people fail to address the aggravating problem until they start feeling mentally exhausted. The negative effects of clutter go beyond the messy […]

Getting over “overwhelmed”

If there is one word we organizers hear more than others, it is “OVERWHELMED.” Our clients are overwhelmed by: emails, paper, hectic schedules, work, kids activities, toys, clothes, you name it. So how can we get over this state of mind, or state of being? There are several approaches. Write a list – This may […]

Creating a Fun & Safe Backyard

By Marie Nieves Seeing kids play in my yard brings back many memories. Those days seem so far away now, the days of freedom, playfulness, creativity and adventure, when we had all the time in the world and our back yard was our universe. The modest tree-house my father had made by himself had a […]

Shake Up Your Email Inbox

Ok, so it’s the end of the week and I like to wrap things up so when Monday morning comes, I know exactly what I have to do. Also, if there are any responses I can get in before the week is up, I like to do those too. But like many of you I […]

Don’t Fear the Bills!

I have found an interesting trend with my clients. They are afraid of the bills. Unopened bills. Seriously. They don’t’ want to deal with them so they stay in the envelope, in a pile of other mail and usually that pile moves around a few times, and eventually ends up in a bag (cleared the table […]

Clothes Organizing Made Easy

If you are sick of looking at the chaos in your wardrobe or wardrobes, and you are tired of going through all the piles just to find that one shirt, you should probably think about organizing your clothes. Here is a quick guide on how to do that with the least effort. Empty your wardrobes. […]

How to make your bathroom kid-friendly

  Once we have children, our whole life gets turned upside down. We sleep less, worry more, work harder, etc. Among things parents should do for their children is home redecoration and adaptation of certain rooms. This includes baby proofing and making your existing bathroom more kid-friendly. This does not mean you have to renovate […]

Mind The Cents: Smart Tricks To Save Money

  In times of global economic crisis and shrinking employment opportunities, having some extra cash on the side is always welcome. Still, how can you save up without having to compromise on the bare necessities of modern life? Well, if you didn’t pay attention in your economics class or don’t know where to start cutting […]

Living With Gratitude & Trust

Last week I had the unique opportunity to speak at the Gratitude & Trust Summit in New York City. This event was organized by Paul Williams & Tracy Jackson, the authors of a book by the same name. It was a different kind of speaking opportunity for me but I’m so glad that I got […]

How to Organize your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Whether you have just moved in a new home or you want to make some renovations, a lot of effort and planning should be put in the kitchen. What you want to achieve is have a kitchen arrangement that flows smoothly and allows […]

10 Tips for Using Visual Reminders

The more I work with busy parents, the more I see the need for visual reminders. If you’re not familiar with this term, these are items that remind us to do something. It may be a box or bag with returns in it, or a simple post-it strategically place around the house so you don’t […]