And so this is Christmas…

Many people might wonder what does a Professional Organizer DO? And isn’t it just a luxury to be able to hire someone to organize your home? Well, yes,in some ways it is. But in many ways the career of a Professional Organizer is filled with much more rewarding circumstances than you might think. Take my association, the National Association of Professional Organizers (Greater Philadelphia Chapter). We recently embarked on a project that was amazing, fun and rewarding. Here is the summary that I wrote about our experience:

Nine professional organizers invaded the home of Master Sergeant Susan Springsteen on sat. Dec. 15th armed with sticky notes, bins and labelers. It’s not the kind of invasion MSGT. Springsteen was used to, having served three tours in Afghanistan. But it was a welcome day of organizing her home which she won on Veteran’s Day as a prize through “Project Thanks.” This contest was a lottery-style drawing open to all active Delaware Air National Guard Service Members deployed away from home in the last 18 months, made possible through the generosity of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Greater Philadelphia Chapter. (NAPO-GPC)

The NAPO-GPC organizers came once to assess the project which was to organize the home office, creating a paper filing system and doing something with the plethora of family photos and military plaques that Ms. Springsteen had not had a chance to put up and display.

After the assessment they set to work ordering needed supplies like bins and shelves and even finishing touches, like curtains, pillows and frames. It was easy to round up volunteers who wanted to offer thanks to our military servicemen and women. When project day came, much more was accomplished. The eager organizers did go through boxes of paper, sorting, shredding and filing with meticulous accuracy. They also culled favorite photos and created framed collages while categorizing and filing the rest. They hauled away clothing and household items meant for donation. They organized closets, pantry and laundry room.

To some people this may sound like a nightmare, to others, a dream, but MSGT. Springsteen seemed to take all this free help graciously. In 6 hours (54 woman hours) the team of Type A’s had whipped the home into one worthy of a military inspection. The organizers, who all own their own businesses, had a chance to collaborate and learn each other’s systems while MSGT. Springsteen received the benefit of their expertise, energy and enthusiasm. Everyone left exhausted but feeling good for the work that was done. NAPO-GPC plans to make this an annual event between Thanksgiving and Christmas as a way to give Thanks to our military service men and women.

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