Absolute #10 – Routines are a Must!

deb4_0689-300x225Ok, so here it is – the final Absolute of Organizing. It’s the most important because after organizing is a project it really is a process. A process that you have to do every day or you’ll be back at square one with a mess on your hands. So create daily routines to keep your life & home running smoothly.

Think about it – did you ever walk out of the house without brushing your teeth or putting on deodorant? Ok maybe once or twice but not daily. That’s because you probably have a hygiene routine you follow each morning. If you forget something crucial, it’s most likely because your routine was interrupted. So if other things about your life are frequently forgotten, think about where you need a routine.

Mail – The most common routine I see missing is how to handle the mail. Many of you know this so I’ll just keep it simple. Open the mail, sort it into: To Do, To Read, To File and then move your piles to where you will handle them.

Email is much like the paper mail. You must have a routine or you will get sucked in! Triage it in the morning. This means mark as spam any messages that you will NEVER read. Delete messages that you won’t read today but may want sometimes. RESPOND to anything that is a quick answer or urgent. FILE any emails that you will need to reference in the future (yes you can create folders right on your email). And if you are in a rush or your timer has gone off, leave all remaining emails in your Inbox – these are your To Do’s which can be handled later. At lunch time, check for urgent emails again and then in the evening if you have time, clear those non-urgent emails in your inbox.

Hectic times of day – if it’s the morning rush or the post work/school rush that has you pulling your hair out, create a routine. Maybe it’s to put on the news while you cook dinner or clean up dishes from the day. Maybe it’s to delegate to your children setting the table or walking the dog. Whatever it takes to calm down a chaotic time. If you have a morning routine you can actually doing it while sleep walking!

Weekly/Monthly Tasks – Think about the things that have to get done weekly like trash, laundry, and food shopping, then assign a day for each. Monthly tasks like bill paying should also have a routine that includes one place where you put the bills and all the materials you need to pay them at hand. Then you need to schedule it.

Straightening the house – The simplest way to keep a house straightened is to have all family members straighten their bedrooms in the morning and the common areas at night. At the very least, get items to the right room even if they are not put away.

 I hope that gives you some ideas to get your routines started in the place where you most need them! What are some of your organizing routines? Leave a comment: