5 Organizing Products I can’t live without!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that I realize really keep me and my family organized. Don’t think that you have to spend a lot or fill your cart at Bed, Bath & Beyond or the Container Store to “get organized.” I often say, it’s the process not the products but I do have a few favorites:






1. My daily planner – Really, how can you live without one? Mine is a Franklin/Covey and it is on paper. I like to touch and see what I have to do. Then I like to cross it off when I complete the task. I have a month at a glance for where I need to be and a daily page to write all the details of my tasks, hourly time schedule and notes about who I spoke with, etc. I plan my week out on Sunday night and then consult my planner each day. You could use a simple notebook and write the date on top of each page, but you still need that month at a glance to get the big picture.

2. My step basket – It sits on my steps and as I straighten the living room each night, stuff that belongs in the bedrooms goes in it. When we go to bed, everything gets back to the right room. ¬†When I’m straightening the bedrooms it gets filled again to go downstairs. Great way to tidy up fast for company, too!








3. Family Calendar – I have two boys now on 4 baseball teams and a daughter who works and does theatre. Need I say more? My husband and I have to coordinate who’s going where and who’s taking who each night. So it’s all on the family calendar hanging on the fridge. Color coded for each child, of course.









4. Shoe racks, shelf dividers and double hanging racks for the closets – Ok, technically that is three in one but these are the items that work in most closets. The trick with the shoe rack is to count your shoes before you buy the rack. Most shoe racks have room for 12 pairs, but Container Store has a rolling rack that holds 50! If you have the wall space in your closet, this is my favorite. Now realize you might still have to put out of season shoes away because most women I know have more than 50 pairs of shoes! The shelf dividers keep sweaters from toppling over and the double hanging racks are great for increasing the hanging space if you have the vertical space

5. Big Rubbermaid plastic bins – really you can put these all over your house! Use them for storing old tax papers that you don’t need in your file cabinet. Use them for sports equipment in the garage, pool equipment outside and for putting out of season clothes away in the attic. And of course the color coded ones are great for holiday decorations. These keep moisture, dust and critters out of your items in storage.

What organizing products do you use on a daily basis?