10 Steps to the Perfect Summer Party

I am currently winding down from a great Memorial Day weekend. The weather was great (although not as warm as I would have liked) and we had the perfect combination of things to do this weekend, including a play, some sports, our annual party and downtime.  If life could just be this perfect all year!

About 10 years ago my family decided that we would host a Memorial Day picnic and celebrate my two older kids’ birthdays at the same time. Their birthdays are mid May and mid June and to get this big gang together twice in the same month is a little difficult. Memorial day happens to land in the middle and we thought, “What a great way to kick off the summer season.” Because none of my family members have beach houses, this works perfectly. And the more we do this party, the easier it gets! I remember being frantic the first few times fretting about what food to serve, what kind of cake, where to put everything, and what if it rains? As an organizer, I strive for simplicity in all I do so a little experience and simplifying came in handy as we effortlessly had a party for over 30 people and still had time to enjoy our weekend. Now I can not take credit for all of this. It takes team work, and my husband and kids all chipped it to make this party go off without a hitch. Hopefully you can learn some tips to help you throw a great summer party this season:

1. Decide the date and start time and let everyone know via E-vite, text, or email. Ask for an RSVP 5-7 days prior to the party. This way you know how much food or drink to buy.

2. Decide on the menu, and opt for something that can be set out on a table, and then forgotten. Order food or purchase it a few days before the event. If it’s hot food, use a warming tray. Cold food – put a tray of ice underneath. If you have air conditioning, set up food and drinks inside so guests can help themselves. Don’t offer too many choices. Two entrees, two salads and a couple kinds of snacks are generally fine for any size crowd. Incorporate fruits & vegetables in a fun way so those who are vegetarians have options.

3. The day before or the morning of the party, do all food prep that can be done. Straighten the house – but only clean sinks and toilets. The floors will get dirty so clean those AFTER. If you have children or children are coming, put away anything valuable that you don’t want touched or knocked over.

4. One hour before the party, set up table cloths and serving bowls & trays. If someone is helping you with food, you can put a post it on each tray or bowl so they know where everything goes. Have one table for snacks/desserts another for main course and then tables with chairs for where people can sit and eat. Set up a drink area and label one cooler for beer/wine and one for soda if you are serving both.

5. Use disposable utensils and plates. Put a permanent marker with the cups so people can write their names on them and use one cup the whole day. Set up a regular trash can and a recycle can outside and label accordingly.

6. If you love theme parties, try www.myperfectparty.com. It’s a great way to coordinate the menu, decorations, drinks and games all around a theme. Once you purchase your “party in a box” you can use it again and again. This year, instead of our usually patriotic flare, we went with a Hawaiian Luau which was left over from my daughter’s Sweet 16 party.

7. During the party do a sweep through the house and throw out any trash you see. If serving dishes are empty, refill them or put them in the sink. Don’t clean until guests have left! As you do your sweep, chat with guests in each room. Ask if anybody needs anything.

8. At the end of the night., ask kids to clean up the toys scattered all over your yard or playroom. Blow out any lit candles. Once the bulk of guests have left, put food away in plastic containers, get dishes to the kitchen and basically consolidate the mess.

9. Load the dishwasher and run it. If you’re not going to hand wash dishes, at least rinse them and put them in the sink. Wipe down plastic table clothes and let them dry over night.

10. The next morning survey the outside of your house, put everything in it’s place. Wash dishes & linens and sweep and mop the floors.

If there’s an extra serving of food or piece of cake – take that as your reward and take the rest of the day off!

What are some of your tips for a great summer party? Leave a comment.


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